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    Sunday, March 29, 2015

    The best organic and natural toners recipes

    The best organic and natural toners recipes

    Eve is our friend we like to share her recipes. Now we post organic and natural toners recipes.
    EVE never used commercial toners, never felt it was needed. In her opinion toners are just an invention from cosmetic giants to make us consume more. Most of commercial toners contains alcohol and while it does have a short lasting tightening effect, it ends up drying your skin and creating sebum imbalances.
    She shared with us two easy to make, DIY Natural Toners Recipes below, Aloe vera gentle and soothing cleanser & Rose and Neroli cleansing water.
    Your skin pH is a result of the skin’s acid mantle, a mixture of sebum (skin oils) and sweat that form on the surface of your skin. This acid mantle keeps the pH of your skin at about 4 to 4.5 (Remember, low pH like 1 to 5 is acidic, high pH 8 or above is basic, and the middle, around 7, is neutral.) This slightly acidic pH is a good thing on your skin because it helps ward off harmful bacteria.
    When you wash your skin, you strip away this acid mantle. EVE never use any soap, neither wash nor use toner on my face and do not recommend you to use any as it disrupt the fragile sebum balance of your skin.

    Of course when you are use to  wash your face with soap, the switch from washing your face to just rinsing with warm water will be troublesome for most (it was for me when I made the switch 5 years ago) but you will be glad you did.

    Washing your face with an alcohol base toner or soap remove the sebum that is suppose to protect your skin and you end up with oily skin as your skin is trying to create more sebum to create that natural barrier. In the end you end up with an imbalanced and too oily skin which can create pimples and black heads.

    To help you make the switch you can you natural alternative such as aloe vera juice, rose, neroli and lavender flower water. They are very gently cleansing and hydrating your skin without removing too much of  the natural sebum. You can use them every day but also try to just rinse your face with warm (not hot) water. You can also use the floral water to remove make up.

    Aloe vera gentle and soothing cleanser
    Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and helps heal wounds of all kinds.
    Suitable for all skin type.

    1 cup of 100% natural Aloe vera juice
    1 capsule of vitamin e
    5 drops of lavender essential oil  or Chamomile essential oils (optional)
    Containers for natural toners
    1 cobalt glass bottle with screw cap
    You can also buy glass bottle on amazon.com and amazon.ca.

    Combine all ingredients in a dark colored glass. Keep in the fridge.
    This can also be use on the body as an after sun soother.

    Rose and Neroli cleansing water
    Suitable for sensitive skin. Orange Blossom (Neroli) Oil is used in skin care preparations to stimulate cell regeneration. It has antibiotic, antiseptic, calming and tonic properties.  Rose water is balancing. Use it only at night at neroli can be photosensitive.
    1/2  cup of organic rose water (also called hydrosol)
    1/2  cup of organic neroli water (orange blossom hydrosol)
    5 drops of frankincense essential oilContainers for natural toners
    1 cobalt glass bottle with screw cap
    You can also buy glass bottle on amazon.com 
    Combine all ingredients in a dark colored glass bottle. This liquid does not require refrigeration.
    Apply with a cotton pad and let dry naturally.

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