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    Monday, May 04, 2015

    10 effective Fitness Apps That Will Keep You Motivated

    If you are trying to reach your fitness goal, there are many awesome fitness apps to download that will keep you motivated and help you attain any fitness goal. It’s a simple way to check in on your progress daily which is important to staying on track. Whether you want to drop those unwanted pounds, get some interesting workout ideas or monitor your calorie intake, these awesome fitness apps will certainly help you. They’ll link you up with people who coach you, cheer you on, and add a competitive edge to the process.

    1. Fitbit
    Although this app is free, you might need at least one activity tracker. The Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Force are among the best trackers to look into. Even if you don’t want to buy the tracker, the Fitbit app can still help you reach your fitness goal. Without a tracker, the app can be used to log your weight, count calorie intake, and record your glucose levels and blood pressure. If you like this app, you can consider upgrading your account to Premium for only $49 a year.

    2. Argus
    With the Argus app, there’s no need to have a pedometer to know how many steps you have walked daily. The app uses GPS mapping of driving, cycling, and running, and it keeps track of your tea, coffee, and water intake. Moreover, you can snap photos of each meal to save on the app and become more aware of your eating habits. I love using Argus since it keeps track and monitors my food, hydration, workouts, activities, weight, vitals and sleep. The great news is that it’s absolutely free!

    3. Fitocracy
    Want to make workout fun? The Fitocracy app is certainly worth checking out. Use the app to track your workouts, beat quests, earn points and unlock achievements. Fitocracy uses game-like stats that initiate friendly competition and boost your dedication at the gym! Consider joining a wonderful community of supportive Fitocrats who will help you stay motivated on your journey.

    4. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer
    With the GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer app, you literally have some personal trainers sharing customizable routines with you absolutely for free. Although this app is free, it offers plenty of amazing features, from setting alarms to remind yourself to exercise to tracking your workout progress. With a great variety of workout routines (from yoga to strength training) that you will get for nothing, I think this app is well worth checking out. To get endless workout variety and best training advice, you’ll need to pay around $5 – $10.

    5. Sworkit Pro
    If you are looking for the best app for circuit-training workouts, consider using Sworkit Pro. It’ll take you through 30-second intervals, and you’ll need to try and keep up. Choose what part of the body you want to train and for how long and start working out. From strength training and cardio to stretching and yoga, the options are endless! The Sworkit Pro app is not free, but the .99 cents are actually worth it.

    6. Lose It!
    If you are trying to drop those unwanted pounds, Lose It! is a great app that can help you reach your goal. Lose It! helps to set an everyday calorie budget, track your exercise and food, and keeps you motivated. The app will connect you to the devices, people, and food information that you need to lose weight.

    7. PumpUp
    PumpUp is an amazing fitness coach that’s created right for you. It’s an easy way to stay active and motivated, as well as see fantastic results along the way. Just select your fitness goal, favorite equipment, skill level, and the app will create a custom workout for you. The PumpUp app offers full instructions to more than 500 exercises, voice coaching, and timed breaks.

    8. Nike+ Running
    This app will track all your runs and will help you attain your fitness goals. From marathon veterans to first-time runners, you will get the measurement and motivation to run like you have never run before. The app will give you training programs, daily workouts and coaching expertise, and it will help you stay on track, regardless of where you are – on the treadmill, trail, or street. If you are runner, you should definitely have this app. It’s absolutely free!

    9. PIT Fitness
    The PIT Fitness app caters to all levels of expertise and offers exercise routines that you can do at home and the gym, where you can have access to a variety of equipment like kettlebells. PIT Fitness is your guide to full-body interval training (it offers 315 full-body workouts!) It will put you through a whole interchangeable 30-day workout program that will help you reach your fitness goal. Plus, it doesn’t require running, which is great for people who hate to run but think it’s an important part of losing weight and getting in shape.

    10. Pocket Yoga
    If you are interested in practicing yoga, consider using the Pocket Yoga app. It describes and illustrates each pose in its extensive collection, and you can choose between three different practices, three different difficulty levels and three different durations. All practices are created by experienced yoga instructors. Moreover, the app has a dictionary of yoga poses containing the descriptions and all benefits of every pose.

    These are just 10 out of many fantastic fitness apps that will help keep you motivated. What’s your favorite fitness app to use to stay motivated?

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