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    Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    How to make Circassian cheese at home

    How to make Circassian cheese at home
    How to make Circassian cheese at home

    Circassian cheese ingredients:

    - 4 kilos of milk
    - Cup of White vinegar
    - Salt ( you can determine salt amount according to level of you need ).

    Circassian cheese method:
    1- Put milk on cooker and leave milk until been well heated and before milk boiling spray white vinegar on all milk gradually and not in one place.
    2- Wait about 10 seconds after each white vinegar spray.
    3- When milk coagulates and becomes as liquid sloping to the green  color, put ingredients in Gauze colander to filter liquid water "Liquid sloping to the green  color" than Circassian cheese.
    4- Put half of amount lightly and then sprinkle salt as you like.
    5- Repeat step four with the remained amount and then keep Circassian cheese in fridge after that.

    Additional note:
    You can keep liquid water "Liquid sloping to the green  color" resulting from step three to be used instead of White vinegar at next time.

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