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    Thursday, December 01, 2016

    Respecting your team often lead to your success

    Respecting your team often lead to your success. This is mail sent by someone manager. The manager "Rida Al-Faraj" sent to his employees this message. So you must know difference between "Boss" and "LEADER". "Boss" just care about him self and only with his success, while "LEADER" cares with his team and care with their issues. You can find in "LEADER" good human treat with you. And by the way each rule have exceptions, so you may don't agree with that you may got good "Boss" but by the end if you analyze his character you will find a "LEADER" inside him. Finally, Mr. "Rida Al-Faraj" sent in his message:

    "This is a reminder.
    I am available for you anytime to discuss.
    - if you think you are more busy. let me know
    -if you think you don't have much work like your colleagues. let me know
    - if you think of new improvement, changes, decisions. let me know.

    I am here to help."

    This is good message from "LEADER" person and help to increase productivity of his team.

     Respecting your team often lead to your success

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