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    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Want a Release? Myofascial Release Gave Me a New Body

      Your fascia are the sheaths that connect every cell in your body. If your fascia are stuck, you are stuck. Instead of being alarmist about this, we can see it as a great opportunity to get un-stuck.

    You touch fascia when you eat chicken. They're the thin, clear membranes that surround muscle tissue. In fact, every cell of our body is surrounded by fascia. They all hook up to make a network that holds you together.

    Sometimes they hold you too tight. Stresses from your past can cause thickening of the liquid layer of your fascia. This makes it hard to move, and a tightness in one place affects the rest of the network.
    Balance Orlando
    Source: Balance Orlando

    You can release your fascia with 3-5 minutes of gentle pressure. This is not a commercial - there are ways to do it to yourself, or exchange treatments with a bodywork buddy. Here's a good place to start. (link is external)

    So if you're feeling tight and out of kilter, don't assume the problem is outside of you. There's something you can do to feel great now.

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