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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Smiley omelet with veggies

    A funny way to make your kid loves eggs and eats them. You can easily prepare funny smiley faces omelet with veggies like tomato, pepper, cucumber, ... etc.

    Smiley omelet with veggies
    Eggs are very important for your child growth. It contain high amount of proteins, also contain vitamin D which we mentioned before how much it is important for your child growth and vitamin B. Veggies give your child vitamin c, elements, anti-oxidants and fibers he needs.

    How to prepare :
    Whisk two eggs with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and some dried green spices. pour over a round hot pan to make the round face. When it harden a little add two slices of tomato to make the eyes. Add one pepper or spinach chopped leaves to make the mouth like the photo.

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